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Yacht Week Packing Tips – Keep It Fun and Simple

Unlike any other trip, packing for a yacht week can be stressing. Most probably, you will forget a lot of items you need to make it fun or pack more than what you need. One fact is, packing for a yacht week is slightly different than packing for any other holiday.

Whether you’ve been there or planning to experience a yacht week for the first time, these packing tips that will save you a lot of time and energy.

  1. Clothing

Before you pack any clothing, keep in mind that you will spend most of your time in the water and exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Most probably, you will spend your whole time wearing only a bikini or if you are a man, a swim suit. But don’t forget that there will be nights. So, pack at least five casual outfits including shorts, skirts or dress. You can also have at least three fancy clothes to wear when partying. Don’t forget to carry at least five bikinis, swimsuits, and some underwear. Last but not least, check if there will be some theme nights by inquiring from your skipper or checking via a Facebook group.

  1. Electronics

Yacht week is one of the best memories you will want to keep. Probably, you will want to take a lot of photos and videos. Also, you might want to share your experience with other friends on Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram. For that reason, you can pack a camera and a smartphone. Remember to carry a battery charger. Since you are going to be on top of water most of the time, don’t forget to bring some few waterproof cases to prevent water from damaging your electronic items. Unless you have to, don’t carry your computer.

  1. A dry bag

Regardless of how you are planning to travel, a dry bag should be among your first priorities. Keep in mind; you’ll be spending all your week having fun on top of the water. You don’t want your phone, cash, credit card or any other valuable item getting wet. The other great thing about a dry bag is that it will protect your items from spills from drinks and more. When buying a dry bag, ensure that it is large enough to carry all your electronics, papers and other necessary items.

  1. Toiletries

Toiletries bag is essential, especially if the bathroom spaces in the yacht are limited. If you are a lady, remember to carry a waterproof makeup, small bottles of a conditioner, shampoo and soap, a lip balm, and wet brush and some hair ties. Since you are going to spend most of your time partying on top of a yacht and exposed to the sun, don’t forget your sunscreen. Also, you will need some deodorant to use when you are not jumping around and when attending themed parties. If you are a man, keep it simple. You can have some small bottles of a conditioner and shampoo, a baby wash, a sunscreen, a lip balm and a bottle of deodorant.

  1. Documents

Yacht week is all about having fun. Since conflicting with authorities will just ruin your trip, remember to carry some valid documents that show where you are from and where you are going. Make sure you’ve carried a valid visa and a passport, a travel insurance, and a sailing license. You are also not going to use your county’s currency in a foreign currently. So, ensure you’ve converted some cash to the currency of the country you are planning to visit.

Additional items

  • A guide book
  • A navigation gadget
  • Lifejacket
  • A first aid kit

Leave these items at home

  • A hard suitcase
  • Heavy wear
  • jewelry
  • A laptop, unless it is important.


A yacht week is all about keeping it simple and having fun. Unlike camping or hiking, you will need to pack little but useful items. Visit 0 6 pack abs review website to prepare your body. Since you are going to be on top of water most of the time, you will need a dry bag and a waterproof case to protect the items that can soak in water or get damaged if exposed to any liquid. Last but not least, ensure you are not just visiting a country or enjoying a ride on a yacht. Bring anything that will add value to your trip such as a water gun, group t-shirt, and many others.