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The Beginners’ Guide Used Yacht Buying Tips

You have finally made the decision to buy a yacht. Congratulations! This is a huge decision, and probably one you’ve been considering for months (if not years). Yachts can bring tons of happiness, allowing you to create unique memories with family, friends and business associates. However, making a poor buying decision can lead to frustration, repair bills and ultimate dissatisfaction with your decision. To avoid your dream turning into a nightmare, consider the following tips:

Determine What You Want (and Need)

The first step in any buying decision is always deciding what you want (and need), and it is no different with yachts. Are you planning on being out on the water mostly by yourself or with your family or do you plan on entertaining clients or having parties? Are you planning to use the yacht as a weekend pleasure vessel or would you like to take more long trips with it? Is image important to you or are you more concerned with just getting out on the water? Answering these questions will help you make determinations on size, excellent features and appearance of the yacht you will eventually choose.

Decide How Much You Want to Fix it Up

In most cases, there will be some work that needs to be done on any used yacht. If you are buying an older boat (15 years or older, in most cases), you will likely need to get some work done on the rig and engine, which can mean a significant investment. Are you prepared for that, and is it in your budget? If one of your primary reasons for buying a boat is that you enjoy working on them (and plan to spend a lot of time doing so), purchase a fixer-upper is probably an excellent choice. But if you want to buy a boat that is ready to go and have no desire to spend hours (and thousands of dollars) fixing it up, you ought to focus on newer yachts that do not need as much work.

Consider Working with a Broker

It can be fun to look around the internet and in newspapers for yachts on your own, and it is usually even an adventure to go out and look at the first few that catch your eye. However, this can get old quickly—especially if you are continually finding that the yachts you look at are not at all what you want. If you are serious about buying a boat, working with a broker is probably your best option. Just as most people end up using a Realtor when they are looking for a home, those who are in the market for a used yacht usually find that it’s just easier to get a professional’s help.

There is just nothing like being out on the water with those you love, enjoying the breeze and taking advantage of relaxed quality time. If you are on the fun side, try calisthenics. Visit to learn how to perform the awesome monkey moves. Making the right used yacht buying decisions now will ensure you can maximize your time on the water and be happy with the boat you purchase.